Monday, 6 April 2015

26 of The Funniest Cat Memes and GIFs

You may want to have a seat, you are about to view 26 of the funniest most viral cat memes on the internet. These where picked out of a list of thousands of memes in which these got the most traction on the interwebs. These cat memes are either funny or emotional, but for whatever reason people seem to love them.
Enjoy and feel free to share and care.

chips meme cat
Hilarious meme using cats that very accurately describes most peoples behavior regarding chips in a bag.

GIF of cat being brushed
We don't know what it is about this cat GIF that got everyone liking it. Might be the hypnotic rhythm combined with the cats expectations of having this kind of service at all times.

cat GIF of a cat attacking
The Cat Attach GIF really captures the surprise element of such media.

cat picture of cat eyes
This is simply a picture someone took of a cat's eyes, not sure why it got so many likes.

bert ernie cat meme
Welll this one is funny because if alludes to a common rumor about Bert and Ernie, and at the same time it involves a cat, who may simply be sitting atop a soft plush toy, but it reminds us of Sesame Street and cracks people up.

invisible cat meme secret service.
There are tons of cat memes on the web of this particular Genre of "invisible" in which cat's are captured in a strange pose and memed about as if that pose is centered around some kind of invisible object. Too funny.

cat napping on crossword puzzzle
Cat solving a crossword puzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZzzle - GET IT?

cute walking cat GIF
GIF of adorable cat coming right at ya.

Cat Coffee with Fish Meme
One of the most popular cat memes on this list. - A cat sculpted into foam of a cup of coffee as if the feline is staring at fish swimming in a pond, along with the jocular quote of "Catpuccino" written in the bottom.

fluffy not fat cat meme
This is funny because we all have heard a cat-owner say this about one of their "fluffy" cats

rich cat has a butler?
This cat meme is funny because it implies that this cat is wealthy enough to have a butler named Jenkins.

fuzz lightyear cat meme
Sometimes these cat memes are funny because of hard work, experience, and talent. Other times, someone snaps a picture at the exact right moment and you have a fuzzy cat with furry highlights.

Cat Life Meme
Fur Life is funny because they are cats and have 9 lives?

starwars light saber cat meme
Adding to the long list of memes created for the new Star Wars light saber that was teased in the trailer, the light saber cat meme with a cat shape atop the glowing saber of light weapon.

too many feels cat meme
This expression is going around on the internet, and it is only a matter of time before it goes out of style, so a meme of this vernacular peculiarity needed to be done at least once.

cat meme of rainbow
Cats chasing anything is funny, rainbows even more so.

lion cat GIF
GIF of tiny cat wearing a mane that you typically only see on big cats.

one more rainbow cat meme
Chromatic Aberration is the rainbow effect from lenses in pictures. 

cat in washing machine gif
Hilarious Cat GIF of a cat running inside a washing machine like a hamster wheel.

cat peek a boo meme
People with shy cats know this reaction when friends first come over.

sleep head cat GIF
Cat is Sleepy Head GIF

Sudoku Cat
This one is funny because humans would say the same thing about Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

cat and swat meme
This one is funny because it is SO TRUE!!!

UGGs cat meme
Funny Cat Meme of a kitty sleeping in an UGG boot.

meme of lion cat
Its funny because all cats are like this, even big ones. Just they might really eat u if they are this size...

we don't learn from our mistakes, surprises.
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